Action Items


  • Attend the General Membership meeting , April 16, 10 AM to 12PM, 311 Winnebago in Fond du Lac.  
  • Meet at the 3rd Annual Pacific Northwest Gathering in Cusick, Washinof gton (April 23)
  • Participate in the 25th Anniversary Meeting in Minnesota (April 29-May 1). 
  • Maintain Brothertown cemeteries in Brothertown, New York--Date Change!! (May 6-8).  Contact here.
  • Take part in the Eeyamquittoowauconnuck Walk Across America on May 21.  Match the miles traveled by our ancestors.  Contact here.
  • Vote in the May Elections  (May 21)
  • Walk the escarpment in the Ledge Walk (Brothertown/Fond du Lac area) on May 27. Contact here. 
  • Take part in the Drum Practice and Cultural Weekend, May 28-30.  Contact here.
  • Join author Patty Loew in a discussion of Native Veterans of WWI and WWII, June 5, 1 PM at BINCC.
  • Fund raise at the Walleye Weekend Parking Fundraiser, June 10-12.  Contact here.
  • Dance at Oven Island June 10-12.  Contact here.
  • Take part in the Annual FLAG DAY PARADE to honor our veterans.  Participation by all veterans welcomed and encouraged-and float available for Elders. (Contact here.)
  • Join in the Annual Potluck Picnic (July 16)
  • Hold the Annual Welch-DeGroat Reunion in Shakopee, Minnesota (August 13)
  • Plus, there are countless Bingo, Crafts, and Grant activities.   Need more  info? Click here!

Don't Miss This! 

Dial up the 12th Annual State of the Tribes Address by Lac Courte Oreille Chairman Mic Isham from February 16.  Click here to go to the Wisconsin Eye archive site (be patient - a bit of a delayed start).  Listen for the call for the protection of burial grounds (Save the Mounds), the importance of cultural sharing,  the  breaking down of myths, important legislation, and key issues for Wisconsin tribes. 

The incredible Brothertown Indian Nation Information Infrastructure and Technology Upgrade Program (BIITUP).  Interested? Contact Dawn Kraintz here.