The coming months will be very active.  Here's a snapshot of what to expect--and where you will want to be.

Coming first, Brothertown Council and Peacemaker Elections.  Here's what you need to know.

  • Elections will be held May 16, 2015, at BINCC, 311 Winnebago Drive, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., for the following positions—Vice Chair, Council Member (2), and Peacemaker.  After voting, stick around for lunch!
  • Absentee ballots were sent with the newsletter and must be received by the Election Committee by Friday, May 15.  Remember to return the completed Voter Verification Form with your ballot in the sealed envelope.
  • So you know....a U.S. Post Office error in handling resulted in a very limited number of  absentee ballots being returned to the sender—in error.  Please go to the Member area Election Page for more info! 
  • Questions? Contact Election Committee members Barb Roloff at (920) 517-6659 or Mary Huberty at (920) 960-7433.

A twice-delayed, member-only trip to the the Ledge is planned for May 17.  Size is limited.  See info on the member Community page.  For questions, contact

Brothertown Meeting at the Galloway House– June 3

The Brothertown Indian Nation has been invited to take part in an education program as part of the June 3 summer season opening at the Edwin H. Galloway House and Village.  The presentation will detail our history and the important role the tribe has played in the history of Fond du Lac and Wisconsin.

The Galloway House and Village are located at 336 Old Pioneer Road in Fond du Lac.  The Galloway House, the main building, is a 30-room Victorian mansion completed in 1880.  The village consists of 23 authentic buildings, including a country store, church, school house, newspaper office, depicting turn of the century commerce and lifestyle.   

Calling all Veterans:  Appleton Flag Day Parade, Saturday, June honor the U.S. Navy

Annual Brothertown Picnic  at Lakeside Park, Fond du Lac,  Saturday, July 18

And don't on the Brothertown Health Care Project continues through summer and fall!

Kôkicásh.  Be well.