Hello.  Welcome to the Web site of the Brothertown Indian Nation (BIN).  You might also know us by our name, Eeyamquittoowauconnuck.  

We hope you will visit our heritage page to learn how we Algonquian descendants of the Mohegan, Pequot, Montaukett, Narragansett, Niantic, and Tunxis peoples came together and migrated to Wisconsin, when it was still a territory, during the era of the Indian Removal Act.

We are a self-sustaining nation. We do not receive federal funding or federal monies, except for member education as provided for by treaty and under federal law, and very occasionally, when we are fortunate enough to receive a much-needed grant. 

Our recognition history is unusual, as are most recognition histories.  In September 2012, after 32 very expensive years in the administrative recognition process, the Department of Interior announced in its Final Determination that it lacked the authority to make an administrative recognition determination for us as Congress had previously terminated the federal relationship with the Brothertown.  By law, only Congress can restore our government-to-government relationship. Thus, the Brothertown Indian Nation is not currently a federally recognized tribe, but was in the past. 

We look forward to restoration of our recognition and invite you to find out more.

Kôkicásh.  Be well.

Jeremy Marx, Tribal Chair