Brothertown Census and Needs Survey - Extended!

The Census has been extended until October 15, 2016.  Click here for more info or go directly to the survey here!

Action Items

  • Be heard in the Brothertown Census and Needs Survey -   Click here!
  • Missed Patty Loew's discussion of Native Veterans of WWI and WWII?  Click here for her  Way of the Warrior documentary!
  • The WALK Across AMERICA continues! Click here for more info (member access only) or download the poster here. Walk to Help Bring Home the Brothertown Collection!
  • Volunteer for the Brothertown Highway Clean-up.  Volunteers always needed!  Contact Jeremy Marx or Dawn Kraintz
  • Take part in the Water Walk Event, September 23-26.   Contact Jessica Ryan.
  • Be part of the Homecoming on October 15. 
  • Plus, there are countless Bingo, Crafts, and Grant activities.   Need more  info? Click here!

Don't Miss This!  

The incredible Brothertown Indian Nation Information Infrastructure and Technology Upgrade Program (BIITUP).  Interested? Contact Dawn Kraintz here.

Interested in native and indigenous foods?  Recommended:!